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The hub in the heart of Croatia: What it means to set up an office from scratch

Meet Marko Jagodic our Senior Software 3D Graphic Engineer from Zagreb, Croatia

When did you learn about 

I met CEO Michael Putz at a Reboot conference in Dubrovnik, where Bongfish was the main sponsor. Shortly afterwards, I had the opportunity to meet the Bongfish team in person and learn about the Flight Simulator project they were working on. I found it fascinating. I kept thinking about all the awesome use-cases that could be achieved with such a product… A couple of years later, was born, I joined, and together, we founded a subsidiary in Croatia. 

Continue Reading is presenting at I/ITSEC is presenting their end-to-end Geospatial Analytics and 3D Synthetic Environment Platform at I/ITSEC at the Microsoft booth #1973 in Orlando this year. If you are interested in geospatial intelligence or the future of synthetic training & simulation environments you should definitely stop by and talk to us. 

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Digital Twin USA – Seattle rendered in the Globe Plugin for Unreal Engine as a semantic 3D map and as synthetic environment to provide semantic, photorealistic 3D digital twin of the entire planet as plugin for Unreal Engine are the brains behind a vast open world and semantic 3D map as seen on TechCrunch. Accomplishing this global-scale 3D representation of our planet requires massive cloud computing, a novel approach to Artificial Intelligence for feature detection and procedural rendering technology, all combined creating a photorealistic 3D digital twin of our world, generated automatically from satellite imagery as input data only.

Continue Reading is teaming up for research on AI and open satellite data

This September started a new research project in collaboration with the Austrian Space Applications Programme (ASAP). This project, called AI4LULC, will unleash our deep learning models on the massive open geodata sets provided by Copernicus, the European Union’s earth observation program. The project will build on already effective methods for machine and deep learning for land use and land cover (LULC) mapping. There will be a focus on determining meaningful indicators for cities and their surroundings. 

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Hiring at – Machine Learning

Here at, we are focused on creating a digital twin of our planet.
This includes the use of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Software Engineering, and Art. In order to achieve our goal, we are gathering an exceptional team of professionals in these fields.
We would like to share some secret tips with you to help your application succeed.

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