We encourage individuality and celebrate what makes us all unique. But here are a few things that unite us in what we do and how we do it, everyday.


We have a hunger to learn

One of our most important talents is the ability to learn, adapt, and figure out new solutions. We seek to continuously learn by providing honest feedback, reflecting on our own work, and having the humility to be open to personal change. We also feed our curiosity by taking on new assignments, because nothing beats solving a real-world challenge, and learning from making real-world mistakes. After all, mistakes are a great way to learn.


We all strive towards a common goal

We see the bigger picture of what needs to be done, and happily jump in when needed to push the company and projects forward. Our mission won’t be accomplished by one person alone. Only together can we make magic happen. So we listen to other points of view, stand in for each other, lend a helping hand where needed, foster cross-team relationships, and celebrate our successes together.


We take our work seriously, not ourselves

We are growing fast, so change is a constant. We believe that embracing change is important, and key to our success. Our drive to innovate is relentless, but above all, we strive to foster joyful optimism. By being curious and having fun exploring new possibilities, we give ourselves the freedom and creativity to always come up with bold solutions. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so have fun and joke around!


We embrace servant leadership

We have zero tolerance for self-serving egos, and cultivate an approachable, respectful and trusting atmosphere throughout the organisation. This means having empathy for our colleagues, as well as the bravery to provide and receive honest feedback. It also means assuming positive intent. We love to be surrounded by amazing people that inspire us. And we see leadership in the drive to help others grow.


We get the room to spread our wings

Introvert or extrovert, t-shirt or high heels, crossfit enthusiast or book worm, we created a place where we feel safe and our contributions are recognised. This is reflected in how we collaborate, and value the unique approach of each and everyone of us. It is also reflected in how we approach work-life balance. This ensures we do our best work every day, and the variety of personal interests opens new avenues of thought and possibility.

1 seeks to unlock planetary insights and transform multiple industries by building the world’s leading dynamic, interactive, and authentic 3D digital map. From autonomous driving to drone delivery, to smart cities, aims to fundamentally transform how these industries operate for the better and solve some of the world's most pressing challenges.

How we show we care

Never Stop Learning

  • Clubs to exchange on the newest innovations and news, or shared interests.
  • Learning opportunities through conferences and trainings.

Body & Mind

  • Programs for your physical and mental wellbeing – flex your muscles, both your bicep and your brain

It’s All About You

  • Personalize your benefits: sports, childcare, transportation – it’s up to you.
  • Flexible working hours and remote work opportunities.

Social Events & Opportunities

  • Team events and parties to build your connections, and hang out with your colleagues outside of the office.
  • Central offices are always stocked with food and beverages to meet up and reconnect.

Does this resonate with you?

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