How we hire

There are few steps in our recruitment process

Depending on the position there may be some adjustments.



No need for frills, just show us who you are. We will always get back to you with feedback.

Chat with recruiter

Let’s get to know each other and learn more about the company.

Technical Interview

Get ready for some exciting technical conversations.

Meet the team

Meet further team members and ask any questions you may still have.


If we both think it’s a match, we will be thrilled to welcome you onboard.


Do we do virtual interviews while everyone is working from home?

We have adjusted to the situation and at the moment all our interviews are online. 

Do I get to visit the office?

All our interviews are currently online. But while a great deal can be achieved remotely, we also believe that getting to meet the team and seeing the offices and its surroundings in person also provides candidates a more accurate feeling for the role and the company as a whole. So we may reinstate them in the future.

Do I get to meet the whole team?

You will meet one or two future team members during the interviews. Meeting the whole team would only happen in an onsite interview.

How would you describe the overall company management style?

The organizational structure is rather flat. Teams have a lot of ownership in deciding how to work and organize. Our working style is focused on collaboration, sharing knowledge and ideas. 

Can I start working remotely or do I have to pick up my laptop personally?

If you work remotely, the full equipment will be sent to you before your start date. 

How long does it take to get a response?

Your recruiter will inform you after every step when you should expect feedback. We know you are thrilled about, and we will do our best to keep you updated.

Will there be technical questions in the first interview?

The first interview is primarily about getting to know each other, so no very technical questions. We may ask you about your experience with certain technologies, of course.

Is it required to speak German to join

Our work language is English. Unless the job specifically requires you to speak German, for example to contact local suppliers, you don’t need any other language than English.

How can I contact when I have questions before applying?

You are more than welcome to contact Simon Jungwirth, Tech Talent Acquisition Partner (E-mail:, Tel: +43 676 3577806).

Does this resonate with you?

Get to know our hiring process before you apply or find answers to any lingering questions, right here, right now.