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Starting a new job is always a big deal – especially if it involves moving to another country! It was no different for me joining, and it didn’t come without obstacles.  Arranging an international trip with all the restrictions in place was already stressful enough, but there it was. Right before my departure, and much to my distress, my entire household was obliged to undergo a 3-week quarantine due to a suspected covid-19 infection from someone in my immediate family. Just a couple of days and a weekend away from my starting date!


Quick reaction

The good folks at rushed to handle this little crisis rapidly. It was very exciting to see all the preparation accomplished before the end of the week. On the following Monday, I received a new company laptop and was ready to go through the first steps in the onboarding process, right on time for my official first day of work. 😊 

Working remotely, without many options to hang out with my new colleagues and without a feeling of being fully integrated with the team, I was getting really impatient – I longed to move to Graz and meet my colleagues!

In the office

It was not for another month before I could actually hop on the train and travel to Graz. I wondered what the mood in the office would be. 
I still remember a warm feeling of welcome – others seemed just as excited about me joining as I did. A few colleagues walked me around the office, and I was met with lots of smiles, laughter, and positive vibes. I don’t think this feeling has ever ceased. By now, after a couple of months, I can tell that a loose and cheerful atmosphere is the norm at Blackshark. 


Getting closer to the team and connecting more to the company’s affairs was a very natural process. It’s also because we maintain a supportive spirit and try to help each other out every time. For me, as someone who’s only starting their professional career, knowing that I can ask a question or make a request to be met only with support is very reassuring. As I mostly work with people and not tech, it’s evident to me that even the emerging challenges and issues are handled with proper calmness. My colleagues at Blackshark understand that problems are to be expected, and the way to solve them is collaborating on a common solution. Even when things are not necessarily going according to plan, everyone is ready to discuss them and go forward from there. That’s the attitude!

Krzesimir Pszenny