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Senior Texture Artist

I’m a Texture Artist and what makes this role interesting for me is the fact that technical constraints, which are specific to our work environment, are quite different from those in game development - so there is a lot to explore, new challenges and new solutions all the time.



Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Dealing with the day-to-day challenges of the fast-moving Machine Learning field in a friendly and cooperative environment is not a chance any developer can miss. We bring today's research to tomorrow's product by the tight cooperation within various teams.



Junior GIS Technician

As a Junior GIS Technician, I acquire and prepare spatial data for our Machine Learning specialists. I especially appreciate being able to combine my GIS skills with broader geographical knowledge.



Technical Talent Acquisition Partner

Working as a Technical Talent Acquisition Partner here at blackshark.ai gives me the opportunity to meet phenomenally bright minds from around the world every day.



Project Manager

Being (and becoming) a Project Manager here, means I'm part of top-notch, highly intelligent teams working with highly interesting companies and projects. This brings many challenges as well as opportunities for me, that's why I love it here.



Python Developer & Operations Engineer

I work in a friendly team, open to suggestions and new ideas.
It makes building a new and bleeding-edge product from the ground up an exciting experience.



Executive Assistant

No two days are ever the same and every single day is a new adventure. Working as an Executive Assistant means being a front-and-center resource for business decisions as well as key-employee to assist business leaders by facing challenges and solving puzzles.



Senior Product Manager

As a Product Manager, I'm responsible for identifying customer needs, defining the product roadmap, and aligning it with the greater strategic goals of the company. The challenge lies in balancing these requirements to generate the highest possible value, maintaining growth, and delighting the market.



Business Development Trainee

Since the beginning, I could actively participate in all our challenges and constant developments. I’m proud to be part of this multicultural, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic squad, and together to offer innovation and cutting technology to the world.


Life at Blackshark.ai

Our values are our DNA. They reflect not what we aspire to be but what we truly are. Inclusive, empathic, and endlessly curious.
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Our tech stack

Python, C++, JavaScript, Pytorch, CUDA, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Unreal4, Flyte, FastAPI, GDAL/rasterio, OpenCV, Vue.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Azure+AWS, Jira

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