Vienna’s cooler little sister.

This is where we started, and where our top leadership and our core engineering teams are doing their magic. It’s fun, dynamic, laid back, and beautiful. The Alps and the Adriatic Sea are nearby for short get-aways. One of the best kept secrets in Europe.

Where we are

Our office is in the city center, by the main square. It is fast and easy to reach. Also, you can find all the shopping and eating amenities you need right out of the doorstep.


Our second development hub in Europe

We are a small team from many departments united by our love for the city. After work, we like to chill on the Danube Island, or enjoy the many opportunities offered by one of the world’s most famous capitals. Whatever your passion, you name it, Vienna has it.


Welcome! In North America, we are focused on driving strategic partnerships. Our team is currently working remotely, up and down the West Coast, building our business. Seattle and San Francisco are our homes and we keep expanding our presence in further states. We are excited to be playing our part in making the world a better place with

Zagreb, Croatia

Our latest tech hub, Zagreb, is where Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe meet. A mere jump away from our headquarters Graz.
A place full of tech innovations, artists, surrounded by a diverse and rich culture, and beautiful nature.

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